World’s First Non-profit Crypto Organization Platform Poised to Change Dynamics for Donating to Charities

DALLAS, TX – Giving to charity is set to become a lot more transparent, especially for Crypto investors, when new non-profit, Non-Profit Crypto Foundation launches its revolutionizing donation platform.

The internet is rife with news of charities who misuse donations. In one instance, according to data from the Center for Investigative Reporting, a cancer charity that raised $86.8 million only gave 1% of the amount to cancer patients. With no way of tracking whether donations are used for the intended purposes, donators and those in need are left at the mercy of the integrity of charitable organizations.

Non-Profit Crypto Foundation is attempting to disrupt the status quo in the non profit community with a platform that allows crypto holders to donate to users in need via a smart contract. The smart contract acts as a medium to ensure the donation goes to a specific cause or need and if the contract is not met, the donation is returned to the sender.

Donators will be able to view the causes of those in need and can choose who they want to support and then donate cryptocurrency to the cause. Both parties will receive a notification of the donation. The program will then work as escrow to ensure the cause is funded.

For now NPCF will only be facilitating donations for housing and vehicle down payments, utility bill assistance and transportation expenses. The NPCF team will carry out a thorough verification process to ensure that assistance claims are legitimate and once approved the story of the individual seeking assistance will be published on the blockchain so they can start receiving donations.

Courtney Hall and his brothers Colby and Corey are the masterminds behind Non-Profit Crypto Foundation. Questioned about the motivation for creating the non-profit and donation model, Courtney explained: “I am heavily invested in crypto and wanted to donate to a cause at the time of my ideal. While there are organizations that accept crypto currencies, I have no proof that my donations will be used for the purpose it was given. I know there are other crypto investors who want to help others and that’s how the idea of a non-profit crypto platform came about.”

And as if the providing foolproof transparency is not enough, donators will also be rewarded for their giving on the platform with a points based system that allows them to win attractive prizes such as trips, clothes, shoes, bids to crypto bucket lottos, tickets to sponsored events and more.

NPCF’s donation platform is scheduled to go live in Fall 2018. The organization will have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the coins that that will be used on the platform in their exchange which will allow them to raise funding for launch.

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